Eroica Limburg

June 29- July 1- 2018

The 2018 edition of Eroica Limburg will have three routes, which are 60, 100 and 160 kilometres long, respectively. Two of these routes will explicitly cross borders, extending all the way into Belgian Limburg. The Limburg region with its hills, plateaus, meandering River Meuse and plethora of castles, caves and historical sites is the perfect setting for Eroica, the world’s greatest retro cycling event…

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The perfect place to stay during this event. Take a rest after your tour, park your car free and store your bikes safe.

The Cycling Mecca of Limburg

The Province of Limburg is inseparably linked to cycling, which is firmly rooted in the community of this region. Limburg can be regarded as the Dutch cycling mecca – in Maastricht a ‘speed test on wooden vélocipèdes’ was held in September 1869, no less. This was almost certainly the very first cycling race in the Netherlands. A few decades later Mathieu Cordang would write history as the first world champion from Limburg. In 1895 the racing cyclist from the village of Blerick won the world championship for amateur Track Cycling in Cologne. 
In Limburg you can sense the passion for cycling. People are not only proud of their own pro cyclists but also of the routes on their own soil. Since the start of the 20th century the rolling and hilly landscape has been the scene of countless thrilling cycling challenges.