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General information

You can enjoy a nice holiday at the Gillishof. For our part, we will do everything we can to make your stay as pleasant as possible. To familiarize you with our accommodation, we give you a number of tips below and we ask your attention to our house rules.

Emergency situations, police or hospital 112
General practitioner: 0031-455441213

Check-in / check-out

Arrival time: between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM
Departure time: on the day of departure is 10:00 am.
Deviations in times must be indicated and agreed in advance.

After full payment of the rent and the deposit you will receive the key to our house on the day of arrival. You return it on departure. We determine the time of departure in consultation, but is no later than 10.00 am on the day of departure. Our reception is generally closed on Sundays. If you want to leave on a Sunday, we ask you to do the things still to be settled a day earlier. You can deposit the key in the letterbox next to the reception door upon departure.


Wireless internet / WiFi and smart TVs are available in all accommodations


Smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas. We also request that you do not smoke in the courtyard if it may bother others.


Pets are only allowed by prior arrangement and for a fee. Additional rules apply.


There are several parking spaces on the site. We request that you preferably use P1 and P2. There are 2 separate parking spaces for the disabled. The access for the large gate to the courtyard must be left unobstructed due to fire safety requirements. The small side gate in the courtyard should also be kept open and clear for the same reason.


• Our outside area is secured with cameras in various places.
• Gillishof has inspected and approved fire systems and smoke alarm systems in accordance with the applicable standards
• The water installation complies with legionella and food safety requirements and is periodically tested for this.
• In the event of a smoke alarm, we are obliged to inspect the house in question. Detectors are linked internally at various places. It is therefore possible that the smoke detector in your apartment will go off if your neighbor sears a steak. However, always check that there is nothing bad going on and report it immediately.
• In the event of a serious fire alarm, you must leave the house immediately and keep windows and doors closed as much as possible.
• Fire and escape routes must be kept clear at all times.
• Do not place items in the (central) halls and stairwells.
• The passage under the gate to the courtyard, the courtyard, the driveway and the access road along the farm as well as the road at the rear of the farm to the private terraces must be free of parked cars at all times. The only exception concerns the loading and unloading of luggage.



• In the yard there are containers for separate waste collection; glass, paper and cardboard, plastics and residual waste containers are offered.
• Our photovoltaic installation covers our electricity needs. Nevertheless, we request that you pay attention to your consumption and do not use appliances or heat the heating unnecessarily.
• The linen is of a fair trade label and is washed in a sustainable manner.
• Where possible, we use organic cleaning products and cleaning cloths are washed before reuse.
• HaKOEna’s cows graze extensively on our land. Enjoy a nice piece of meat straight from the land. Available at
• Local products are made from the fruit from the orchard without preservatives.

Service area

In the central service room there is a washing machine, extra fridge with freezer, oven and microwave for general use. The laundry room is also equipped with washing lines and you will find drying racks.


Our beds are equipped with special covers which are not intended as a bottom sheet but to protect the mattress. The use of linen is therefore mandatory. If you have forgotten, you can rent a set for € 8.00 p.p. If bed linen is not used, we will still charge € 8.00 p.p. afterwards. Towels can also be rented for € 1.00 each.


Children up to 12 years old are allowed to use the playground. There is a playing field and a jeu de boules court for the elderly. Under a canopy are some games that you can use. Please bring your own table tennis balls and bats.


Our garden is equipped with hammocks to rest. We ask you to respect the tranquility. The children can play to their heart’s content in the playground at the rear.

Jeu de Boules court

The Jeu de Boulesbaan is located in the backyard next to the playground. If you have not brought Jeu de Boules balls, they can be borrowed at the reception for a deposit of € 10.00.


We have several BBQ’s for general usage. Take care of your own charcoal. Each BBQ is equipped with a wire brush to clean the grid after use or ask for cleaning material. This way, the next person can get started right away. When the embers have cooled down s.v, p, dispose of them in the residual waste. We charge € 10.00 cleaning costs for BBQs that have not been cleaned.

Electric charging point

You will find sockets on the large table by the canopy near the recreation room. These can be used to charge scooters and electric bicycles. Your bicycle or scooter can also be stored dry here. A normal socket / charging point for your electric car can be found in parking lot P1

Recreation room “1321”

Gillishof has a recreation room at its disposal. This can be rented by appointment for larger groups. You can dine here together, have a colorful afternoon or follow a workshop. Ask for the possibilities. Occasionally there is a party here with a music stop at 01:00. We ensure that the noise level is not exceeded, but cannot always rule this out. This concerns incidental moments. We ask for your understanding.


Our apartments feature original art. The cloths are for sale. A photo book is available for inspection at the reception. You can also get price information here.

Inventory breakage damage

Please inform us about breakage of kitchenware and the like. The replacement value of the most common items is determined by us. If larger items are damaged, we request that you report this immediately. We will then determine what the replacement value is or what the repair costs are. We do not check on departure but during cleaning. If you have not reported damage or breakage, we can hold you liable for this afterwards.


Curtain rods

Do not hang items on the curtain rods. The rods are very difficult to fix in the old walls.


(Roof) windows

Due to unexpected rain showers, we request that you close (roof) windows when you leave the house. Where appropriate, we will enter the house and arrange for closure.


Energy is expensive and harmful to the environment. We invest in sustainable, energy-saving facilities. Until now we do not charge a surcharge for this. In order to maintain this in the future, we request that you also contribute to the environment and be just as energy conscious during your stay as at home. Therefore, do not leave windows and doors open unnecessarily for long periods of time while the heating is running at full speed. If you are away from home for a longer period of time, we request that you turn the (thermostat) valves lower. A number of apartments have self-thinking thermostats. These work continuously for 3 hours and then have to be manually activated again by pressing the left button once. If you leave, you can also switch it off manually.


Moving furniture

Moving beds and other household goods is not permitted without the permission of the owner / manager. If you have permission to move, you must also put things back in the right place on departure. Cabinets should never be moved.


Wet wipes and fats

It is forbidden to put wet wipes (toilet wipes, cleaning wipes, baby wipes, dressing wipes, sanitary pads, tampons, etc.) in the toilet. Also all fats (frying fat, oliebollen) must not be flushed down the toilet. In case of blockage you will be held liable for the damage.


Candles and fireworks

Do you want to be careful with the use of candles and make sure that they are on a fireproof and melt-free surface at all times. There are enough tea lights, plates and coasters available. It is not allowed to set off fireworks in any way on the grounds of the Gillishof. Find a place on the street at some distance from the other houses. Make sure that all fireworks are cleaned up the day after. The use of wish balloons is not allowed anywhere.


Found objects

We urge you to check all cabinets and especially check the sockets for chargers. All found items go into our lost and found bin for 1 month. If no one has reported afterwards, the items will be destroyed.

In addition to postage, we also charge handling costs of € 25.00 for items that are sent later.



It should be quiet after 11 pm. On beautiful summer evenings we do not want to drive you in but after this time we want to have a quiet conversation outside and respect the tranquility of the neighbors. Occasionally this time can be exceeded for an activity that takes place from within the organization.



We assume that you will use our house with due diligence. The check of our house takes place afterwards during the cleaning because it is impossible for us to check everything upon departure. If things are damaged, we request to notify you before departure. If you have paid a deposit, it will be refunded to your bank account number after verification. Any damage will be deducted from the deposit. If the deposit is insufficient, you will be notified immediately and held liable for the damage.



We expect you to deliver the house broom clean. The dishes are done and the kitchen is clean. Rented linen can be collected on the foot of your bed. The vacuum cleaner is in the laundry room. The waste has been deposited in the containers. You can discuss special cleaning requirements for in between with us for a fee.


Liability Claims

Our house rules are on our site and a copy is also available for inspection in your apartment. We therefore assume that you have read our house rules carefully. We are in no way liable for misuse of our accommodations, for abuses committed by you and use of our accommodation other than stated in the house rules and other than indicated by signs in various places on the site. In case of non-compliance with the rules, we can, where appropriate, hold you liable for consequential damage.


Facilities in the area

You are in a quiet rural area on the edge of the hills and centrally in the Euregion. The green hilly country with picturesque liquorice is surrounded by beautiful cities such as Aachen, Maastricht and Liège and Parkstad. The area offers numerous possibilities for excursions. You will find a number of information leaflets in your apartment. You can also ask questions about the excursion options at the reception.

Various walking and cycling tours are possible from Gillishof. We refer you to the following sites:,

It is not allowed to bring bicycles into the house. You can place them in the garden.
You can rent bicycles at the nature transferium in Simpelveld;

Church services:
Church of Bocholtz a Catholic service every Sunday at 10 am
Reformed services Gulpen-Vaals, every other week at 10:00 am

Shop offer
In the center of Bocholtz you will find a Plusmarkt, a bakery and a butcher.

Restaurants and steps
Greek tavern, Italian bistro, snack bar
Shoko, Driesprong, Maxim, Confessional, Bellevue, Nefertiti, Various snack bars

For a night out or a more extensive choice of restaurants, you can go to Heerlen, Heuvelland, Aachen and Maastricht. Let us advise you at our reception.


Dear guests

We trust that you will respect our rules and that they will not prevent you from having a nice holiday. In any case, we wish you a pleasant stay at the Gillishof and hope that you will feel just as at home as we always do.

Lots of fun

Gillishof Slowlife Holiday Apartments

What can you expect?

General services

Free parking at the farm
Luggage and ski storage
Bicycle storage
BBQ facilities
Garden with hang-out area
Service room with washing machine and oven
Coffee Corner

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